ESIP (Economy Sequential Injection Package) Product Description

 The ESIP is a “Universal” style component package for bi-fuel LPG or CNG injection systems.
The ESIP is not a kit or system but an essential parts package.
Assembling the parts contained in this package will NOT result in an EPA-certified fuel system.

Technocarb ESIP Economy Sequential Injection Packages are designed for vehicles equipped with electronic combustion emission control and diagnostics systems (OBDII or EOBD), with a catalytic converter and oxygen sensors. When properly installed and calibrated Technocarb’s ESIP complies with all International safety , and most emission standards.

Technocarb ESIP systems can be installed on engines with multi-point fuel injection, sequential injection, semi-sequential or single point injection. This system is also designed for multiple displacement engines.

Technocarb ESIP is also compatible with standard turbo charged engines; however, vehicles with high level supercharging may experience problems running with LPG or CNG. Please check with Technocarb in these cases. Please indicate vehicle make, model, and year, as some makes will require a special ECU configuration.

Technocarb ESIP sequential injection ECU controller may not work properly with engines having a duty-cycle (RENIX type) injector controller with 3 ohms or less PETROL injector coil resistance.

General Information:

·         Please verify your application with Technocarb.

·         This is a universal parts package and NOT a conversion kit.

·         When assembled, the LPG or CNG system will NOT be EPA-certified.

·         Bi-fuel (LPG/CNG & gasoline) operation is the standard configuration, Mono-fuel (Dedicated )

packages are available by special order.

·         Auto-Switch to gasoline capability when LPG/CNG storage “OUT” (bi-fuel only) with operator notification buzzer.
User-customizable LPG or CNG fuel map generation.

·         Utilizes OEM PCM fuel trim strategies.

·         Transparent operation

·         Client specific fuel level indication.

·         Installer must fabricate all chassis mounting hardware (NO BRACKETS ARE INCLUDED)

·         All factory engine components (including emission controls) remain as per OEM.

·         Fuel tank and high pressure lines are NOT included in this package.

·         Factory technical support is NOT included, but is available at current hourly rates

·         These parts carry a 12 month conditional warranty.



              ESIP (Economy Sequential Injection Package) Product Description Cont:

Package Components:

·         Regulator with lock-off.

·         Generic electronic controller.

·         Wiring harness.

·         Injector rail(s).

·         Temperature sensor.

·         Intake manifold nozzles.

·         Positive pressure and vacuum sensor.

·         Fuel selector switch with level Indicator and buzzer.

·         Tank level sender and harness.

·         WYE coolant hose adapters.

·         WYE barb vacuum connector

·         Windows platform

·         Most current Installation manual, schematics, and software available online.

Optional Components:

·         Vapour phase filter (recommended if your fuel contains heavy-end residuals)

·         Hose and clamp package (recommended to connect the under hood components)

·         Interface cable (you only need this for your first conversion)


·         VERY cost effective

·         Ease of installation and set up

·         100% of the components that make up each ESIP are “SERVICEABLE”. (INCLUDING THE INJECTORS).

·         “FACTORY MATCHED COMPONENTS BOX PACKAGING” concept insures that the system will perform to the highest standards



Printable System Brochure PDF